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Beloved ones

Some of my woderful friends!

Nelu Hagău has made generous efforts to technically build this website. A great thanks, buddy! Adi, the photo addicted friend. Angela Ale şi Radu. Attila Darvas, Cicu Fettich and Rodica, Walter şi Karla. Sergiu. Ardeshir and his dears. Valentin Marica and Titus, Adi Pop. Nelutu Chiorean. Nelu and Estrelita. Tibi, Gabi and Mimi, Luca. Vlad, Liviu. Alex. Maria, Betty, Klara and Domnica. There is Andrei & Csilla, Laci & Laura, Csabi. Guido Russ, Ruediger Weiss, Kami and Christian. Ciprian, Calin, Ildi, Petre, Ramona, Cristi huh, there's Flame. Kati and Samu. Adri, Michael, Esther and Sarah. Father and Ibi. Mama. My grandpa Tase and grandma Maria.

So many dear souls!

Photogallery from Flickr.

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Updated news about the present projects, partnerships, future projects.

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Good friends invited to show their graphic design, photography or any other creative works.

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